Scope of Practice

With nearly four decades of practice under his belt, Dr. Gollub offers a unique perspective that informs his practice of medicine.  He integrates a wide range of modalities that include the best of modern medicine and cutting edge technologies, to nutritional counseling and basic common sense.

Functional Medicine

Dr. Gollub is only one of a few Functional Medicine practitioners in New Mexico certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine, now embraced by the Cleveland Clinic. He is excited and inspired by the organization’s integrative approaches to healing. This approach emphasizes a systems biology approach to reestablishing physiological balance critical to primary prevention and addresses underlying causes instead of just treating symptoms of chronic disease. Nutritional counseling and life style choices are key factors in this unique holistic health model.

Family Medicine

We are board certified and currently practicing the entire scope of family medicine, including non surgical gynecology, pediatrics, and adult medicine, all from an integrative persective. While we no longer provide obstetrical care, this too was part of our practice for 25 years, so we know what it means to provide full family medical care.

Bio-Identical Hormones

Dr. Gollub has offered bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for men and women for over twenty years.

No Scalpel Vasectomy

Dr. Gollub has performed no scalpel vasectomy since 1990.  As one of the first New Mexico physicians to offer this new version of non-invasive vasectomy, he has also taught other physicians how to do this procedure.  This method offers a less painful procedure with rapid recovery time.

Dermatology & Skin Cancer Care

Because of the high prevalence of skin cancer in New Mexico, Dr. Gollub offers surgical management of skin cancer, which he has done for his entire career.

What Our Patients Say


Dr. Gollub has been my primary physician for as long as I can remember, and within the past few years he has made an especially profound impact on my health. I have suffered from eczema all my life, but it had never been a debilitating condition up until recently. There were times when my eczema was so severe that I could hardly move due to dry cracked skin, alongside unbearable itchiness. I saw multiple dermatologists who prescribed steroid cream after steroid cream, but even so, my eczema persisted with a purpose.

It wasn’t until I came to Dr. Gollub that I found relief. Instead of trying to mask the issue with another cream, he delved deeper to find the source of the problem. I appreciated this approach because he was focused on a long term fix, as opposed to just relieving me of my symptoms without understanding why they occurred in the first place.

Dr. Gollub utilized methods similar to that of preventative medicine, attempting to find the root of the problem as an effort to put a stop to my troubles. I was convinced there was no definitive answer for a cure, but Dr. Gollub is confident that I will one day be eczema free.


Santa Fe