In our practice, we strive to educate and empower our patient community. We are continuously reviewing the latest information available on topics of health, medicine and healing. Whenever relevant, we make this information available to our clients. Your provider may refer you to our patient handouts. Handouts and supplements are intended for use only at the discretion and recommendation of your provider. We have partnerships with several supplement manufacturers, allowing us to offer you the ability to order supplements at a discounted rate.

Our Educational Resources page offers a comprehensive list of research and writing on topics that commonly arise in our practice. We encourage you to use this information to educate yourself and use it in discussion with your provider.


Occasionally, your care provider will recommend some of the handouts/resources listed below. All are available as a downloadable and printable PDF. These resources are intended for use only at the recommendation and discretion of your care provider. Please consult your provider before beginning any diet or exercise plan.

Elimination Diet
High Iron Foods
Cruciferous Vegetables
High Calcium Foods
High Potassium Foods
Gluten Free Diet
Recipes – Super Smoothie
5 R Program
Core Food Plan
Detox Recipes
No Scalpal Vasectomy
Photonutrient Spectrum
Photonutrient Cocktail
Recipes – 7-Day

Educational Resources

Breast Cancer

Information & Rational for No-Scalpel Vasectomy

Detoxification, Exposure and Testing

CYP450-drug interactions tables:

Herb-drug interactions:

Gastrointestinal Websites

Gastrointestinal Books

Medically Useful Websites